Anjuna Flea Market

Enjoy a day out to Anjuna, a beach town situated in North of Goa. Anjuna became the hide-out for Western 'hippies' arriving in the 60's. After running out of money but not wanting to leave, these travelers sold and bartered their possessions, everything from clothes, guitars, jeweler, art, music and more. This was the beginning of the now popular 'flea' market at Anjuna, and what started as "a Hippie exchange" is now one of Anjuna's most popular attractions.

Strategically situated on the sandy stretch overlooking the Arabian Sea, today’s vast and bustling Market, which transpires every Wednesday during the peak season (October-April), practically takes up the entire stretch of beach. The Market offers everything and anything you could think of auctioned by merchants and gypsies from across India selling locally produced apparel, spices, tea, coffee, jewellery, hand-made toys, souvenirs and much more. Over the years, the international seasonal residents of Goa have also opened kiosks here to sell imported fashion as well as their own unique designs that largely produced in Goa.

Later proceed to the Reis Magos Fort. Predating Fort Aguada by half a century, This Fort, surrounded by sturdy laterite walls studded with typically Portuguese turrets, was erected in 1551 to protect the narrowest point at the mouth of the Mandovi estuary. The fort formerly accommodated viceroys and other dignitaries newly arrived from, or en route to, Lisbon, and in the early 18th century proved a linchpin in the wars against the Hindu Marathas, who were never able to take it.


  • All Drinks on direct payment.
  • No lunch.
  • Camera fee and other charges to be paid directly.
  • Operation of the tour is subject to weather conditions.
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